I'm not a developer just an online marketer. When I first was involved in email design, I had no HTML knowledge. I spent some days learning about the basic concepts of HTML.

Although I easily understood the basics of HTML, accepted that the width of my HTML emails shouldn't be more than 600px, but I didn't have any idea why does an email show bad in Outlook 2007 and shows properly in my Yahoo mail.

This situation is even worse today since email templates have to be optimized for mobile devices as well. So it's definitely not something an online marketer, like me, should learn in couple days.

Good news is that if you search wisely you can find tons of free responsive email templates online.

If you found this article, you already did a great job, since we spent 40+ hours to find all these free responsive email templates and share them with you.

Note: soon this article will be updated with up to date resources. Meanwhile, you can get the ultimate collection of all direct links to free responsive email templates as a PDF (Additional 310 free responsive email templates).

This blog post is part of a longer article series which helps email marketers to understand the ins-and-outs of email design. Check out our other articles too!

Antwort (1) by @jng5

Antwort believes in responsive design. According to their philosophy, desktop users should not be underwhelmed by a single column email design that is actually meant for mobile users.

Instead, they want you to have an awesome email design, which is appealing to desktop users and mobile users. Check them out for a responsive email design that caters to all users, is customizable, and has great support among different email clients.

Here is what the Antwort template looks like in Outlook and mobile:

Free responsive email template on Antwort



Behance (100+)

Behance is an online resource for designers to share nearly any kind of graphic art project.

Users and teams from all industries worldwide can come here to post their portfolios and artwork to share with the design community.

Search their site for free responsive email templates, as seen below, and you'll come across hundreds of artist's custom-made responsive email templates that are available for you to use and adapt to your business.

Over 100 Free Responsive Email Templates from Behance

Cerberus (1) by @TedGoas

Cerberus is a collection of email design patterns that can be modified and built upon for all of your needs. It includes not only responsive but fluid and hybrid patterns as well. Worth checking out for those who have some experience with email HTML.

These templates are supported among the major email clients, like Gmail, Yahoo mail, iOS mail, and all Outlook versions.

See what the Cerberus template looks like below for desktop and mobile users:

Collection of email design patterns on Cerberus

Chamaileon (200+)

Last year part of our team spent several months to craft responsive email templates for our future users. As of today we have over 200 email templates and 1000s of building blocks prepared and waiting to be released.

Over 200 free responsive email templates from Chamaileon

When designing these templates we not only wanted to create very general newsletter templates, but also all sorts of purpose built transactional email templates. So literally we have an email template for every need!

Bad news, we are still working on the development of our email builder interface and can't give away these templates yet... Good news, once we launch all these templates are going to be available for free of charge!

If you cannot wait till then, join our beta testers below.


Digith (3)

Digith, a creative development agency, provides 3 free responsive email templates and several other premium email templates for you.

Simply scroll down on their landing page to find the 3 free templates. All of the free templates feature a modern, appealing design, and you can choose between dark and light colors for your template.

They are easily customizable and ready to be adapted right now for your business needs! Downloading a template only require that you share their website on a social media, like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

Digith's 3 free responsive email templates:
3 free email marketing templates from Digith

Dribbble (90+)

Dribbble is like an online show and tell for designers; it brings together a community of talented designers to share their unique designs. Whether you’re a web designer, graphic designer, or illustrator, all sorts of artworks are welcomed on Dribbble.

Users have uploaded over 90 designs that relate to responsive email templates and the results are wide ranging. While some designs do require payment, many of them are available at no cost. Be sure to check them all out!

Over 90 free newsletter templates to download from Dribbble

Email Blueprints by MailChimp (6)

MailChimp created 6 free templates for you to customize called Email Blueprints. These templates represent a good foundation for your next email copy and there are a variety of layouts to choose from.

Unlike the templates in MailChimp’s library and most other ESP’s, the Email Blueprints templates are available on Github without even creating an account, and can be exported into any email service provider of your choice.

6 free Email Blueprints on MailChimp

Email on Acid (1)

Email on Acid, a popular software provider for email marketing professionals, takes some of the guesswork out of email testing and marketing.

The team at Email on Acid created this responsive template that you can adapt and build upon for your business needs. The template, as seen below, supports 1-3 columns, depending on the size of the viewer’s screen size.

What we like the most about this template is the variety of screen sizes it supports. The template offers three different options, including desktop view, medium size tablet view, and a smartphone view, which guarantees a beautiful email copy for your audience regardless of the screen size.

Responsive email template from Email on Acid

GitHub (240+)

GitHub is an online project hosting website that encourages users to work together through open source software, and it isn't limited to email templates! Search through over 240 responsive email templates that are free and available for download. Check out an example we found of a responsive and customizable email called Salted. It has been tested with Litmus and also includes the results of those tests in various email clients.

Salted is seen below with images disabled. Notice how the template makes great use of alternative text.
Over 240 responsive email templates free to download from GitHub

Litmus (30)

Litmus offers a choice of five pre-made email templates that have been tested in over 50 email clients. The choices include a newsletter, a product update email, a transactional email, simple announcement email, and stationary. These templates are fail proof, as they’re tested in Litmus; they even work in Outlook!

Seen below are just 2 of the 5 available Litmus templates:

Free 5 pre-made and 25 customizable email templates from Litmus

In the Litmus community, you can also find an additional 25 templates for you to customize. Crafted by some of the top designers in email marketing, the available templates feature everything from launching a new product to e-commerce, event invitations, and account management emails. If your idea doesn’t fit in one of these categories, you can surely customize a similar template to your liking.

Check out the variety of templates below:

Litmus email template customization

MailChimp (130+)

On MailChimp you can find over 130 free responsive email templates in their template library, simply by creating a free account.

When you become a subscriber to MailChimp, you can instantly get access to tons of free email templates in their own email library. There are several template categories to choose from, including E-commerce, Events, Holiday, Newsletters, and Notifications.

For those who simply seek basic templates, MailChimp also has over 20 to choose from. However if you are not using MailChimp as your ESP, it is important to note that you may have difficulty in exporting your template's HTML code to the ESP of your choice.

130 free email campaign templates from Mailchimp

Pixel Buddha (3)

Check out Pixel Buddha's website for exclusive freebie design content. The idea behind Pixel Buddha is to create a source of great resources for the professional design community, including free and premium software, web products, templates, icons, fonts, and themes.

They offer 3 free responsive email templates, including a Halloween template, Thanksgiving template, and the Passion template.

Make sure to check out the other freebies that are available for you - you never know when these will come in handy!

See the Thanksgiving email template below. It is easy to customize too if you want to adapt it to a different event or holiday.

Thanksgiving email template

Responsive Patterns (30+) by @briangraves

Created by Brian Graves, Responsive Email Patterns is a compilation of over 30 free email patterns that allow you to customize your very own email design.

How many columns do you have in mind? Where will the images be? With this website, you can choose from different layout, navigation, grid block, media, and list patterns to construct any email design you can think of.

See the email design choices below:

Over 30 responsive email patterns from Responsive Email Patterns

Sendwithus (14+)

Another great website to check for free responsive email templates is Sendwithus. They offer 14 free responsive transactional email templates, which were constructed by their community.

Each template can be used with any email service provider. Check out all the templates and you'll find that each one can be customized in 9 different ways!

We found the Neapolitan template, a clean template with a minimalistic design to be very appealing.

You can choose which template to download based on the message type. The available messages to download are confirmation, an invite to event or service, invoice for a recent purchase, product update, progress of their account, reignite old customers, survey, sell a new product, and welcome emails.

See the available Neapolitan templates below:

Free Responsive Neapolitan templates from Sendwithus

Templates for Marketo (6) by @jennamolby

On Jenna Molby’s website, you can find helpful tips in email marketing and 6 free responsive email templates that are ready to customize for your business needs.

Each template features a unique design ranging from several newsletter layouts to direct calls to action, and they’ve already been tested in all of the major email clients for compatibility. You can even view a live preview of the emails before downloading to make sure you’ve chosen the right one, or you can just download them all!

Themezy (20+)

Another great and free resource for email marketers is Themezy. Visit their website for a variety of free email and website templates.

As seen below, Themezy compiled 16 free responsive email templates for you to download and start customizing today. You can find even more templates from other members.

Create an account, follow other members, and check out the custom content they share with other users.

Over 20 free email newsletter templates from Themezy

Web Design Ledger (15)

Check out Web Design Ledger's list of 15 awesome and free responsive email templates, which they've collected from their favorite resources on the web.

Each template is available to download at no cost to you and they're from a variety of other sources. This website, which is designed to help web developers and graphic designers alike, has several other great resources for you to peruse. Maybe you'll find their graphics tutorials or their e-commerce articles to be an inspiration for your future designs.

Check out one of the available templates from their article:
Free to download Psd/HTML template from Web Design Ledger

Zurb (5)

Zurb, a design consultancy company that believes in designing with the customer in mind, crafted 5 responsive email templates for you to get a jump start on your email designs.

You can choose between a basic email template, a template with a large banner image, a newsletter, a template with a sidebar for navigation, and a template with a sidebar and large banner.

If you’re curious about how to code a responsive email, they have a great tutorial to help you, as well as a wide variety of other design resources.

Zurb's 5 Responsive Email Templates:
5 email templates from Zurb

99 designs (3)

99 designs created 3 free responsive email templates to meet your marketing needs and you can download them all without signing up. Depending on the message you want to send to your audience, you can choose from the following templates: a traditional email newsletter that features three stories, a promotional email that announces a new product or service, and a personalized email template.

See the image below for a description of the available templates on 99 designs:

3 email campaign templates from 99 designs

These are the sites we found during our research. If you have additional tips, please tell us in a comment!


Roland Pokornyik

Roland Pokornyik

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